The field of aerosol science and technology covers the basic principles that underlie the formation, growth, measurement and modeling of systems of small particles in gases. These systems play an important role in nature and industry, and in the study of nanoparticles that are the building blocks for nanotechnology. Advances in aerosol science and technology have applications in many fields that include, but are not limited to, (1) microelectronics (2) medicine and pharmaceuticals (3) space exploration (4) environment (5) energy (6) nanotechnology, (7) advanced materials.

 Aerosol and particulate matter research is conducted in several
different areas such as combustion processes, nanoparticle
synthesis and measurement, aerosol instrumentation, atmospheric processes, ambient air quality and pollution control. 

A core group of faculty are involved in research and education in this exciting field at Washington University.  With state of the art research facilities, excellent students and technical personnel, the group has one of the largest and most impactful aerosol education and research groups in the world.

Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis

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